Bloodless Intercession – by Jim

Your comments are often so terse, that I must admit I cannot always follow them. However, you appear to be in a contradiction.

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Trust – by Jim

Is there any greater comfort than knowing that one can put his trust in HaShem rather than in a man? I cannot imagine one. Because we know that HaShem is without need and because we know that God created the world for our good, we can be certain that HaShem does not seek our destruction.

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Idolatry and Adultery – excerpt from The Elephant and the Suit

Dr. Brown’s failure to acknowledge Scripture’s emphasis of the Sinai revelation in connection to God’s teaching against idolatry is only the beginning of Dr. Brown’s misrepresentation of the Jewish position on this issue

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Facing Scripture III – An Open Letter to Charles from Jim

Charles, I am deeply troubled at the liberties you take when employing scripture. You have attempted to turn Tanach into your puppet in the final paragraph here: . But however hard you try to superimpose the voice of God with your own, God’s voice is stronger

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Joy and Repentance

Joy and Repentance The holiday of Sukkot (Tabernacles) follows immediately after Yom Kippur, a day dedicated for repentance and forgiveness. Sukkot is called “the time of Joy” and it is understood that the connection between these two holidays is that the forgiveness from God that we merit on Yom Kippur gives us the joy that we celebrate on Sukkot. This is certainly a true sentiment but there is much more to the joy of Sukkot and there is much more to the connection between joy and repentance

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From the Foundation Up, by Annelise

From the Foundation Up, by Annelise   Some people encounter Judaism and leave mainstream Christianity, but hold on to the Christian scriptures. They keep some Christian beliefs out of loyalty to their messiah

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Movies and Manifestations

Movies and Manifestations Two of your friends just returned from going to the movies.

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The Festival of weeks – Isaiah 41:8

Originally posted on 1000 Verses – a project of Judaism Resources : Festival of Weeks – Isaiah 41:8  Love doesn’t calculate. Love does not hear the discouraging voices.

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Kosher Reality

      Kosher Reality   A Jewish Response to “The Real Kosher Jesus” by Dr. Michael L Brown

This is my Beloved

This is my Beloved   “I shall take you to Me for a nation and I shall be to you for a God.” (Exodus 6:7)