Pentecost vs Shavuot – by Jim

You write that Christianity and Judaism both rely upon faith, and, if I understand you correctly, this seems to mean to you that the Jew has no room to critique the Christian faith. This reflects a poor understanding of Torah, an understanding that has been built up from the mistakes of the Church. In this comment, I intend to show the difference between the two “faiths” and why they are essentially different.

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By The Rivers of Babylon, USA, and Beyond – Tzvi Jacobson

By The Rivers of Babylon, USA, and Beyond Back when our forefathers were exiled in Babylon we read in Psalm 137 3,4 they were asked to sing the songs of Zion. There is something about Jewish music that stirs the innermost soul of man

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Exploiting Ignorance – by Jim

It is sometimes troubling to Christians that typically a Jewish believer in Jesus is Torah ignorant.

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Tug of War – an Open Letter to Tildeb

  Tug of War – an Open Letter to Tildeb Tildeb Let me again begin by thanking you for your comments. Your comments inspired me to study and to think and to expand my understanding of the issues that we have been discussing. For this I thank you.

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The Pharisees in the Gospels – an Excerpt from Covenant Nation

Boyarin presents us with an analysis of the hand-washing incident described in the seventh chapter of the book of Mark (TJG; pgs. 106-127). Boyarin concludes that, contrary to popular Christian opinion, this incident does not teach that Jesus abolished the dietary laws altogether.

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Supplement to Response to Charles

Supplement to Response to Charles Since I did not respond to all of Soper’s arguments in my previous articles I felt that I should perhaps elaborate.

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Kosher Reality

      Kosher Reality   A Jewish Response to “The Real Kosher Jesus” by Dr. Michael L Brown

Revised Messiah – Excerpt from Critique of Vol. 4

IV. 5. Objection 5.15 Brown presents an objection to Christianity: “When Jesus failed to fulfill the prophecies, his followers invented the myth of his substitutionary death, his resurrection, and finally his second coming, which, of course, they completely expected in his lifetime.” Brown responds on behalf of Christianity: “In order to make this claim, you virtually have to rewrite the entire New Testament, since a central theme of those writings, from their earliest strata on, is that Jesus had to go to the cross and suffer and die and then rise from the dead.” Brown’s response does not begin to address the objection

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Messianic Discrimination – a response to James

“To them, all Jews are still Jews, whether they be  atheist, agnostic, Chassidic, Orthodox or Reformed- EXCEPT for those Jews who  believe that Yeshua is the Messiah!!!”                                                                                                         James Ashmore January 2014 Dear James It  seems that you are under the impression that the Jewish community singles out  believers in Jesus for unfair treatment. You seem to believe that the Jewish  community accepts a broad range of beliefs but blindly rejects belief in Jesus  as non-Jewish.

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TYVM – From a Jew to a Christian

TYVM – From a Jew to a Christian   Dear Chanan