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Rabbi Eli Cohen is Jews for Judaism (Australia)’s primary lecturer.

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Battle For the Jewish Soul

The Missionary Threat to Jews

“Why are evangelical Christians obsessed with converting Jews?” This exposé explores today’s growing missionary problem, how it affects our community and examines methods missionaries use with devastating success. The audience is provoked to ask “Why are so many Jews not connected with Judaism, leaving them vulnerable to missionaries, and what we can do about it?”


Missionary Impossible

Judaism’s Response to Christian Missionaries

Why doesn’t Judaism accept Jesus? How do we respond to missionaries who claim that prophecies from the Jewish Bible point to Jesus as the Messiah? What do we do to atone for our sins today in the absence of Temple sacrifices? Why don’t we include the New Testament as part of our Bible? What is the Jewish belief about Satan? We will work with your group to put together a custom made program that deals with these and other substantive issues in the Jewish/Christian interface.


This is an interactive and thought-provoking discussion that is ideal for high school children, young adults and adults alike.


Is Religion Killing Judaism?

There are many negative connotations with the word ‘religion’. Is Judaism a religion, and does it fit into this mould? This unique presentation outlines the various misconceptions about Judaism and explains ways to overcome these and have a more meaningful and fulfilling life through Jewish lenses.


The Real Messiah

For 2000 years Jews and Christians have engaged in a fierce battle over the Messianic claims of Jesus of Nazareth. The crux of this debate revolves around what the Messiah will actually do and achieve. The Real Messiah examines what the scripture has to say about the Messiah – what he will do and what the world will look like when he comes.


The Domino Effect

Judaism and Christianity and the Parting of the Ways

Many people know that the religion that became Christianity originally began as a movement within Judaism. What is less well understood is how this transformation actually took place. This presentation examines the critical embryonic departure from Judaism that led to a total unraveling of Christianity from its Jewish roots.


Who is the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53?

Missionaries believe that all they need to do to convert a Jew is to read the 53rd chapter of Isaiah and they will convert on the spot. With this presentation, we expose the weaknesses of the missionary interpretation of this passage. We will then offer a more consistent reading of Isaiah 53.


How To Identify The Jewish Messiah

Does the Bible provide a clear template for who the Messiah will be and what he will do? How do we know if this template is trustworthy? This lecture provides refreshing insights into this fascinating issue, and examines how Christianity developed an alternative Messianic vision.