Kitten Imagine a little kitten.


Imagine a little kitten. It is entirely possible for a person to find some positive feelings in his or her heart towards this kitten. Now, if someone were to encourage you to engender a positive feeling in your heart toward our kitten and place these positive feelings at the very center of your life. You are being encouraged to submit yourself in complete and total devotion to this baby cat. You are told that this kitten is the fourth person in the god-head and that it is a living incarnation of Jesus. You are further told that all of your love and devotion to Jesus is meaningless if you don’t live your life for this kitten.

I would guess, that as a Christian, you would have some serious philosophical, theological and Scriptural objections to this suggestion. I would further guess, that none of these objections would be mitigated in the slightest if you were told that in some mysterious way, this kitten and Jesus are one and the same.

But more importantly you would have a devotional objection. As a Christian you would say that Jesus is already the center of your life and that you lack nothing in the Trinitarian god that you worship. You would say that your relationship with the divine is complete and that there is nothing that your god is missing that a relationship with this kitten could supply.

If one of the followers of the kitten were to tell you that if you give your heart to the kitten you will become a greater messenger for Jesus, you will find a deeper assurance of your right standing for eternity and that your relationship with Jesus will be greatly enhanced, would you feel that he answered your devotional question? Or would you say that this follower of the kitten has no clue about what you feel in your heart toward Jesus?

P.S. Was David missing anything with God?

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